堡垒之夜——你好代理 正式宣布

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今日,于UP2018腾讯新文创生态大会(以下简称UP大会),腾讯正式宣布与Epic Games公司达成战略合作,获得全球人气建造战术竞技网游《FORTNITE》中国独家代理运营权,国服中文名正式定名《堡垒之夜》。Today, at the UP2018 Tencent new Wen Chuang ecological Conference (hereinafter referred to as the UP Conference), the Tencent officially announced the strategic cooperation with the Epic Games company to obtain the exclusive agency operation right of the "FORTNITE" in China, which is officially named "the fort night".

你好!《堡垒之夜》首发宣传片:腾讯互动娱乐市场平台部副总经理戴斌,与开发商Epic Games全球总监Geremy Mustard共同带来了针对《堡垒之夜》国服生态的全面计划。Hello! The first publicity film on the "fort night": Dai Bin, deputy general manager of the Tencent interactive entertainment market platform, and Geremy Mustard, the global director of the developer Epic Games, brought a comprehensive plan for the national costume ecology of the "fort night".

游戏进入中国,《堡垒之夜》国服将从技术,运营,社区建设,对外合作等多个方面着手,将游戏打造为一款“人人可玩“的建造战术竞技网游,同时,对外挂保持“零容忍”态度,为广大中国玩家构建更良好的游戏生态,以及更纯粹,更有趣,更公平的游戏体验。此外,《堡垒之夜》国服预约也已于游戏官网正式开启。When the game enters China, the "fort night" state suit will start from many aspects, such as technology, operation, community construction and foreign cooperation. The game will be built into a "all play" game of construction tactics. At the same time, the "zero tolerance" attitude will be maintained for the Chinese players to build a better game ecology for the Chinese players. And a more pure, more fun and fairer game experience. In addition, the "night of the fort" national service appointment has also been officially opened in the official website of fn..


【“你好”!全球人气战术竞技游戏来到中国】作为开发商代表,Epic Games全球总监Geremy Mustard于UP大会现场带来了《堡垒之夜》全体开发工作人员对中国玩家的问候。As a developer representative, Epic Games global director Geremy Mustard, as the developer representative, brought the greetings from all the development staff to the Chinese players at the site of the UP conference.

一句“你好”,表达了《堡垒之夜》对中国玩家,中国市场的高度期待,同时也是对每位即将加入全球4500万玩家“大家庭”的中国玩家的期待。在过去的数月时间里,凭借着战术竞技玩法模式的推出和不断升级优化,《堡垒之夜》在全球范围内掀起了一股“建造+战术竞技”玩法的热潮,作为建造战术竞技这一全新细分玩法的缔造者,同时也是Epic Games虚幻引擎4第一方作品的《堡垒之夜》用户总量不断攀升,并在今年年初达到4500万——增速最快时,《堡垒之夜》一个月内便能获得1500万新玩家。A "hello" expresses the high expectation of the "fort night" for Chinese players and the Chinese market, as well as the expectation of every Chinese player who is about to join the "big family" of 45 million players around the world. In the past few months, with the launch and upgrading of the tactical game mode, the "fort night" has set off a wave of "construction + tactical competition" in the world, as the creator of the new subdivision of the tactical competition, and the 4 first party of the Epic Games fantasy engine. The work's "fort night" has been increasing, and at the beginning of this year 45 million - the fastest growth rate, the fort night will be able to get 1500 million new players in a month.

自进入2018年以来,《堡垒之夜》热度持续增长,并在海外直播、视频平台屡屡打破游戏领域直播或视频观看纪录,成为当今全球最火爆的线上游戏之一,甚至在欧美地区逐渐成为一种不可或缺的生活方式和文化符号。而考虑到中国多达数亿的游戏玩家总量,以及《堡垒之夜》出色的运行优化,以及横跨PC、主机、移动端的多端跨平台特性,我们也有充分理由相信,在国服正式到来后,《堡垒之夜》的用户总量还将达到新的高度。Since 2018, the "fort night" has continued to increase its heat, and has repeatedly broken live or video viewing records in the field of overseas live and video platforms. It has become one of the most popular online games in the world, and has gradually become an indispensable way of life and cultural symbols in Europe and the United States. In view of the total number of millions of players in China, as well as the excellent running optimization of the fort night, and the multiterminal cross platform features across the PC, host and mobile terminals, we also have good reason to believe that after the formal arrival of the national suit, the total of the "fort night" will reach a new height.


(现场图)【建造+战术竞技,游戏乐趣大不同】《堡垒之夜》是一款由虚幻引擎4所打造的,集建造、射击战斗和塔防等多种元素于一体的游戏,因此,其“战术竞技”模式也率先开创了建造战术竞技这一崭新的细分玩法。建造元素融入战术竞技规则的对抗,让《堡垒之夜》既拥有超高自由度的游戏体验,使得玩家能够自由破坏场景中的建筑、掩体,又能搜集资料自行进行场景搭建,同时又能在经典的战术竞技规则体系下展开充满变数的对抗——游戏的开放性,与战术竞技玩法的不确定性相结合,这种空前自由的对战体验,也是《堡垒之夜》全球人气不断飙升,并产生了大量UGC(用户原创内容)和PGC(专业创作内容)的重要原因。(field map) [construction + tactical competition, game fun big difference] "fort night" is a fantasy engine 4, set up, shooting fighting and tower defense and other elements in one game, therefore, its "tactical competitive" model is also the first to create the construction of competitive sports this new subdivision of the game. The building elements are integrated into the tactics of competitive rules, so that the "fort night" has a super high freedom game experience, making the player free to destroy the building, the mask in the scene, and collect the data to set up the scene on its own. At the same time, it can also carry out the antagonism full of variables under the classic tactical competitive rules system. The openness of the game is combined with the uncertainty of the tactical competitive game. This unprecedented freedom of the war experience is also the global popularity of the "fort night", and has produced a large number of important reasons for the UGC (user original content) and PGC (professional creation content).

当然,除了建造与战术竞技两大核心之外,《堡垒之夜》充满潮流感的角色皮肤外观,舞蹈、社交动作,也是这款游戏深受各国家和地区年轻一代玩家喜爱的重要原因。【强强携手,多项计划保障游戏生态】与Epic Games有着深度合作关系的腾讯最终获得《堡垒之夜》国服代理权,相信早已在不少业界人士和普通玩家的预料之中。不过,从直播时的弹幕评价来看,《堡垒之夜》国服代理权的正式公布,仍然是此次UP大会直播期间最为玩家所关注的重点环节之一。Of course, in addition to the two core of construction and tactical competition, the "fort night" is full of the skin appearance, dance, and social movements of the role of tidal flu. It is also an important reason for the game to be loved by young players in various countries and regions. The Tencent, which has a deep cooperative relationship with Epic Games, has the right to surrogate the "fort night", believing that it has already been expected in many industry and ordinary players. However, from the live broadcast of the barrage, the official announcement of the "fort night" state service agency is still one of the most important links for the most players during the UP broadcast.

另外,由腾讯互动娱乐市场平台部副总经理戴斌与Epic Games全球总监Geremy Mustard共同带来的《堡垒之夜》国服运营计划,也同样“干货”十足。根据介绍,《堡垒之夜》在中国将获得腾讯在服务器端及硬件兼容性优化方面的技术加持,还能借助腾讯的平台资源优势,以及通过WeGame平台和移动端官方社区APP“掌上堡垒”带来丰富、立体的社区体系建设。In addition, Dai Bin, deputy general manager of the Tencent interactive entertainment market platform, and the Epic Games global director Geremy Mustard, brought the "night of the fortress" operation plan, as well as "dry goods". According to the introduction, the "fort night" in China will gain the technical support of the Tencent on the server side and the hardware compatibility optimization. It can also help the Tencent's platform resource advantages, as well as the WeGame platform and the mobile end of the official community APP "palm fortress" to bring a rich, three-dimensional community system construction.

与此同时,在反外挂方面,双方的合作还使得《堡垒之夜》能够拥有Epic Games基于虚幻引擎4底层架构与腾讯基于系统安全和软件应用环境的双重技术保障,并能够从法律层面直接打击外挂作弊软件的开发与传播者,维护游戏长久的公平At the same time, the cooperation between the two sides also makes "fort night" can have Epic Games based on the Unreal Engine 4 underlying architecture and the Tencent based system security and software application environment dual technical guarantee, and can directly combat the development and communication of cheating soft parts from the legal level, maintenance of the game for a long time. A fair green experience environment. In the field of competition, the cooperation between the Tencent and the Epic Games will also bring an international competition system for the "fort night", and together with more field partners, it will bring more rich and interesting competitive content ecology.绿色体验环境。而在电竞化方面,腾讯与Epic Games的合作,也将为《堡垒之夜》带来国际化的电竞体系,并与更多领域合作伙伴一道,共同带来更加丰富和有趣的电竞内容生态。



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